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ACABADOS PEGASA. Pegados: refuerzos en pieles, tejidos y piel sintética. Recubrimientos: termoadhesivos, autoadhesivos y foamizados. Amplia gama de forros y entreforros.
Látex Elastic System®: Sistema ecológico de pegado de pieles.
OutDry: Sistema de impermeabilización de calzado.

The fashion in search of comfort, emerges naturally full of comfort and for a society increasingly urban and cosmopolitan. The new materials on which we work today have greater flexibility, lightness and durability, fitting perfectly on the foot . No doubt the future of the shoe is strongly linked to the implementation of Latex in all its components.

Pegasa is a next generation company, which combines a high quality finishing products and high efficiency in the services it offers.

The company PEGASA offers a wide range of services and products for coating and finishing materials used in the footwear industry and construction leather goods.

  • Stand Nº : J01
  • Productos destacados : Forros textiles transpirables, microfibras.
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