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Adornos, ornamentos, componentes o complementos para el calzado, la confección, la marroquinería o la bisutería para fabricantes para de calzado y marroquinería. Proporcionamos adornos, hebillas, anillas y aros, trabillas, apliques, pedrería, taloneras y ollaos para calzado, cadenas, hebillas para marroquinería, porta asas, broches, ornamentos para marroquinería, tiradores y mosquetones.

We are specialists with a long list of companies and brands of jewelry or footwear manufacturers and leather goods, as well as clothing and couture, which provide all kinds of design or size of rings, buckles, ornaments, belt loops, precious stones, heel-pads, ornaments, pins, knobs, chains, or any of the trimmings, embellishments or accesories that you provide the design to produce it.

METALICAS IDELLA SL as trimmings manufacturer and wholesaler, is in position to manufacture and supply whatever the design or materials, any ornaments, accessories and trimmings you need for your creations.


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