In FUTURMODA all the companies keep the same decoration with the objective of giving a homogeneous image to the visitor.

The decoration of the stands in FUTURMODA can only be done through the ESCATO decoration company, whose telephone number is 961 666 821.

The SIZES of the stands are always multiples of 12 sqm, that is, you can choose between:

  • 12  sqm. (4 m. width x 3 m. depth)
  • 24  sqm. ( 8 m. width x3 m. depth)
  • 36  sqm. (12 m. width x3 m. depth)
  • 48  sqm. (16 m. width x3 m. depth)

The TYPES of stand.

There are two types of stand

–        PURPLE STANDS =  High back stand. Aimed at Tannery  Companies

–        GREEN STANDS = Low back stand. Aimed at Components  Companies, soles.