• There are many reasons why anyone related to the world of fashion, footwear or leather goods should come to visit FUTURMODA, but the main one is because you will find everything you need for the manufacture of your products.
  • Know the trends of the sector, which are presented a year in advance. At Futurmoda you will be able to see the novelties in materials for the manufacture of footwear, bags and other fashion products, such as leather, fabrics, synthetics, ornaments, soles, heels, platforms, etc…
  • See all the new products that exhibitors presents in ecological and sustainable products for fashion.Check directly the characteristics of the products before purchasing.
  • Attend seminars, talks and side events, which are an indisputable source of information on trends and developments in the sector.
  • Evaluate the possibilities of a future participation as an exhibitor.
  • Pre-select the sellers that interest us and make face-to-face purchases with the seller.


Footwear manufacturer, shoe designer or shoe pattern cutter

Handbag or leather goods manufacturer or designer

Belt manufacturer or designer

Manufacturer or designer of hats, key chains, you are dedicated to the world of furniture upholstery

Manufacturer, jewelry designer or costume jewelry designer