Via Quinta Strada, 19/21/25, 36071 Arzignano, VI, ITALIA


Marchetto Pellami was founded in 1988 in Arzignano (Italy) in the heart of the Veneto Leather District. The company produces high-quality tanned leathers using low-impact manufacturing techniques and primarily serves footwear, leather goods and upholstery industries.

Shamal Collection features vibrant fashion colors alongside versatile black, white, and dark brown. These are full-grain half calfskins with a very natural appearance and are treated with aniline-based through-dyeing for optimal aesthetic results.

Vela Collection features the most in-demand color variations in the footwear and leather goods industries. It offers several shades that align with fashion trends and are nappa half calfskins. These leathers have a firm and compact structure, silky to the touch, and are suitable for footwear and leather goods applications.

Suave – Suede, soft and compact split leather in vibrant color. Pluma, lightly furred, also available.

Leather collection for leather goods: a range of hides for bags, featuring various textures

The Marchetto Pellami NOW Leather Stock & Go is a ready-to-ship leather service: a wide selection of items with different textures, colors and thicknesses is ready to be quickly shipped from the company’s warehouse in Arzignano (Italy).


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